Levy Bio

Beau Levy Westmoreland, March 17, 1981 Council Bluffs, Iowa
As a young man Levy moved at the age of 12 to southeast Oklahoma (Boswell) a small town located about 10 miles south of the Red River bordering Texas and Oklahoma. At a very young age he always showed interest in music, more of old school, blues and R&B. He and his childhood friends would always get together and start singing and free styling as a hobby. Soon after high school he joined the USAF, and started learning more about electronics as he was starting his career as a Minuteman IIII electromechanical technician in Cheyenne, WY.

He bought his first microphone, a one channel tube amp, and a laptop, and got to work. In 2005, Biloxi, Mississippi while training for the military he set up a recording studio and started writing and putting instrumentals together, as well as networking with other members of the military that shared his same passion. He was honorably discharged after serving 6 years.
After being discharged he moved back to Oklahoma, to work and provide for his family, but there was something missing. The music! He and a handful of friends would get in the studio almost every day 8-12hrs at a time and starting putting mix tapes together and pass out to whomever was willing to listen. All together 6 mix tapes came out of it and many, many original songs.
In 2010, a chance or maybe the right place at the right time, an opportunity came up for him to be a part of new idea. Mystudio.net. He was hired to manage the studio, and help maintain its integrity. Grapevine, Texas would eventually take him to Honolulu, Hawaii, as an operations manager for the studio where Simon Cowells X-Factor auditions were to be held. 100 of auditions a day were submitted and the studio ran smooth for those 4 months. After leaving Hawaii and coming back to the mainland he worked odd jobs to make money but his passion for music never left, in 2011 he placed second in the Texas Independent Music Expo with the song called Forever Gone, written by himself, and produced by a friend LJ Crews.
He wanted more knowledge in the music industry, so in 2014 Levy enrolled in a Recording Arts program in Dallas, Texas and graduated recently. When asked why his passion is so deep for music this is what he said, “music is a life of its own, its an outlet, a confidant, an escape, but also a reality of what is going on in the world, to share it is to bless others, to hide it would be unforgiving”
His influences in music range from CCR, BB King, Muddy Waters, Otis Redding, Sam Cooke, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, Tupac, Biggie, Cricet, Run D.M.C, LL Cool J, Master P, Tasco, J.M.E, The Green , Collie, Buddz, J. Boog, Fiji, Common Kings, IZ, Angry Locals, and so so many more. He believes in music because music gives people chances and change….